Tide Pro
Ocean current
Support access to current speed, direction, temperature, salinity data of both superficial current and varied depth current.
Effective time:Surface:Hourly (10-Day)
         3D Quasi-Geostrophic:6-Hour(2-Day)
Support access to wave height, wave cycle, wave direction and 3 categories of wave data.
Effective time:3-Hour(10-Day)
Effective time:Minute(Long-Term)
Frequency:Update irregularly every year
Support offline access to the real-time tide and moon phase of favorite sites. Tide forecast model consists of 1 global model and 24 district models, with more than 30 million grid forecast sites and less than 4-km grid precision.
Effective time:Hourly(5-Day) +3-Hour(11-Day)
Frequency:6 hour
10-kilometer-accurate precipitation wind, temperature, air pressure,, soil temperature/water temperature, snow thickness/ice thickness .
Marine microorganism
Effective time:Daily(<=9-Day)
Support access to 10 marine microorganism values including chlorophyll, phytoplankton, PH value, primary gross product of plants, etc.
Seabed elevation
Effective time:non-forecast(long-term)
Frequency:Update irregularly
Support access to data of seabed elevation. Grid precision is less than 0.5-km.